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Illumidrum Kick Drum Light

Get ready to rock your stage with Illumidrum Kick Drum Lights! Transform your bass drum (up to 24") into an epic light show that'll have your fans mesmerized. Light up every beat with any wild RGB color combo you can dream up – you're the master of the lights with the wireless RGB remote control in hand. The built-in 3-channel dimmer lets you switch up colors and control the light show through a slick phone app. 


And guess what? It’s not just a visual feast – it’s smart too! Sync it with voice assistants and IFTTT to make your lights dance to the rhythm of your life. Imagine flashing those lights red when a song request pops in or turning the lights green when it’s closing time. With Illumidrum, the possibilities are as endless as your setlist. Rock on!

Illumidrum Kick Drum Light

SKU: idrum001
  • Kit Includes

    • 24" self adhesive COD LED light strip (trimmable in 2" increments to fit your drum)
    • Wiring Harness
    • RBG Dimmer with velcro mounting
    • RFI Remote Cotrol
    • 12V power supply
    • AC power cord (not shown)
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