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Limited Edition USA Patriot with free sticker

Unleash Your Inner Rock God with!

Ready to make your guitar scream louder, shine brighter, and ooze rock 'n' roll swagger? Welcome to, the ultimate destination for transforming your axe into a masterpiece of badassery! Whether you’re shredding on stage or jamming in your garage, our killer wraps will make your guitar the star of the show.

From fiery flames and skulls to psychedelic swirls and cosmic patterns, our wraps are designed to crank up the volume on your style. Easy to apply and made to last, they’ll protect your beloved instrument while turning heads and dropping jaws. 
So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the wild world of and give your guitar the rockstar makeover it deserves. Let’s rock and roll!

Illumidrum Kick Drum Light

NEW Illumidrum Kick Drum Light

Ignite your stage presence with Illumidrum's Kick Drum Lights. Rock out and shine!

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