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Famous Guitars

Famous guitar skins from Axe Wrap® are digital artworks by renowned artist Gino Gavoni, who has crafted hundreds of designs for various musicians and globalbrands. His creations are widely recognized, often seen at concerts, on TV, and displayed globally.Tell me more...

(Axe Wrap® Famous Guitar skins are individually created, artist interpretations of actual guitars.)


About the Artist

Gino Gavoni is a rock and roll renaissance man—digital artist, musician, songwriter, and serial entrepreneur. He's jammed with the legends and crafted iconic designs for the likes of Aerosmith, Budweiser, Jimmy Buffett, Coca-Cola, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Fireball Whisky, Heineken, Kiss, Toby Keith, Zippo, and countless others. Renowned for his killer instrument art and top-notch products, his name is synonymous with quality. In '99, after tearing up the music scene for nearly two decades, Big G (as the crew calls him) shifted gears to chase his artistic dreams. After freelancing for a bit, he launched the Brand O’ Guitar Company in 2007, pouring his soul into designs for musical instruments. To check out more of his work. visit:

Sample Gallery

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